The Economist: Emmanuel Jal – Child Soldier to Hip-Hop Star

Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach Naath

By now, most are aware of the backstory of artist and social activist Emmanuel Jal’s life as a former child solider from Sudan, but the Toro…

More on the relationship of the 2 amazing artists who brought you Naath.
Nyaruach received a mention in this article. Check it out!

Sudan Lost Boy reveals horror of seeing heads blown off as zombie child soldier

As a child Emmanuel Jal lived through more horrors than anyone should endure in a lifetime. When he was just 12, armed with a gun he could barely carry, and in the midst of a war which had claimed the lives of hundreds of his friends and relatives, he decided he could take no more.

Insane article taking you into the depths that is Emmanuel Jal’s Past

South Sudanese singer Nyaruach calls out ‘boring man with no plan’ in feminist hit · Global Voices

A man named Gatluak is probably feeling a bit embarrassed as South Sudanese singer Nyaruach calls him out for being a “boring man with no plan” in a hit song shared widely since its release in June 2018. Or, rather several Gatluaks – the name is common in South Sudan and “all know a Gatluak [who behaves this way]”, Nyaruach says.